Napalm Regrets

by OBD-1

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Napalm Regrets is Rap/Punk song while Nobody.... is more Hip Hop


released July 12, 2016

J. Siemion, Thor's Mighty Hammer, the autistic boy next door, the fish flies, and my wife for listening to my screaming while recording.



all rights reserved


OBD-1 Detroit, Michigan

Making music since I was a tween. Play guitar, bass, and piano. Took music composition in college.

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Track Name: Napalm Regrets
Hope’s lost at the end of a rope, tragedies rain down like memories, Genghis Khan’s been resurrected from the dead, and lead in water’s the latest health trend, but I’m numb, dumb, and sumthing’s wrong with me, because I can’t see any positivity, only trivialities saturating LCD screens like the sea,

the giving tree was my favorite book, but look I can’t stand it anymore, reading it to my kids is a chore, every muscle in my body’s sore, and my brain’s aflame with fetal alcohol syndrome


Regrets assail me like napalm, some of them about my dad and mom, but time heals all wounds, bullshit, whoever said that was a fool, Regrets assail me like napalm, fucking useless I’ve found the psalms, palms sweaty, heart misbeating, good memories are so fleeting

Phone calls are verboten, for the tablet totin generation, we all thought that this technology was sensational, but now it’s divided us and not only generational, what’s the rationale of disconnection, smash it all at your discretion, flash a tittie on snap chats platform, crashing your dad’s Ford is the new norm, social media bullying and suicide, Twitter retweets and fraticide, the internet’s an insecticide designed to kill us with fortified cyanide.